Uva Gel Nails (1 1/2hrs)


Using LCN uva gel nail extensions, this system is unique & is designed to suit your individual nail type. Non odorous, non lifting & totally transluscent for a natural finish.

Temporary tip extensions (1hr)


Great for a special occasion, a natural nail extension that can last between 2 days & 2 weeks!!

Gel overlay (1 hr)


A gel coating over your natural nail for extra strength.

Gel overlay for toe nails (45mins)


A strengthening layer of gel is applied over the toe nails, french and colours available for a permanent finish. The gel used, is anti-fungel and elastic, so ideal for the toe nails. Can also be used for toe nail correction.


Gel nail infill (1 1/4 hrs)


Nails are reshaped, buffed & an extra coat of gel is applied approx every 2-3wks, includes up to 3 nail repairs or replacements if required.

Gel nail tidy up (45 mins)

Including nail polish


Including top gloss


Including french gel/colour gel


Nails are re-shaped, buffed and tidied and a choice of polish/gloss is applied.


Nail repair (15 mins)


Nail enhancement removal (1hr)


If for any reason you require removal of your nail enhancements, consult your therapist for safe & professional removal. Pulling or biting enhancements from the natural nail will cause long term damage. Please ask for more info on tailoring a manicure programme to suit your needs.


French uv gel/gel colour


A unique uv french gel applied only to nail enhancements

Top gloss


A shiny, natural gloss applied only to nail enhancements

Rhinestones / Transfers

from £1.00

Crystal rhinestones / transfers can be applied to natural finger/toe nails and nail enhancements. To add those finishing touches for that special occasion!



Luxurious manicure (1hr)


Using OPI products this manicure is heavenly with a 4 step programme to exfoliate, revitalize, renew & protect. Younger looking hands just became possible! Cuticles are tidied, nails are shaped and the manicure is finished with a luxurious hand & arm massage.

Mini manicure (30mins)


Using OPI products this manicure is ideal if your in a hurry, nails are shaped, cuticles are tidied and the manicure finished with a hand massage.

Nail file and polish

Hands or feet (30mins)


Hands and feet (40mins)


A tidy up & application of colour from the OPI range.


Nail polish application (15mins)


This optional extra can be added to any manicure/pedicure treatment, or used alone.  Please allow extra time for this treatemtn as the plish will need plenty of time to dry.


Oxygen Manicure (30mins)


No manicure will ever be the same again after experiencing the difference that only Herzog's oxygen therapy can deliver.  Oxygen balances, refreshes, detoxifies, heals, repairs and treats many common disorders.  Essential for beautiful, strong healthy nails and for hydrated, refreshed skin.

Chocolate Manicure (30mins)


A traditional manicure, but with the added advanced anti-ageing properties of pure chocolate therapy and oygen.  As the hands show signs of ageing early, this is a great regular and effective way to postpone the ageing process and stimulate healthy beautiful skin and natural nail growth.

The Karin Herzog hand treatment (20mins)


Serums are applied to the hands & arms to exfoliate and nourish the skin.  Vitamin oils are applied whilst an oxygen mask works deeply within the skin to nourish, leaving the skin silky soft and hydrated.

NEW............Shellac Nails~The first hybrid nail colour!

Now you can say goodbye to chips smudges and dry time and say hello to Shellac nail colour!  This revolutionary product applies like polish, wears flawlessly for 14 days of high gloss shine and is removed in minutes!! Just what every girl needs!!

Shellac Manicure (40mins)


Inc nail file, cuticle tidy & Shellac application.

Shellac Pedicure (40mins)


Inc nail file, cuticle tidy & Shellac application.

Shellac Manicure & Pedicure (80mins)


Inc nail fle, cuticle tidy & Shellac application on both the hands & feet.

Shellac, in addition to any of Beautified's manicure/pedicure treatments (25mins)


Removal (15mins)


Shellac is safely removed from the nail plate in minutes.

FREE if followed by a full set of Shellac.


NEW............Minx Nails~Extending fashion to your nails!

Fancy having the most talked about nails in town? Then become a MINX!! Minx are a thin nail coating, applied to the natural nail, using only heat and pressure!  We stock a huge range of designs for you to choose from!

Minx Fingers (60mins)


Inc nail file, cuticle tidy & Minx application.(lasting up to 5 days*)

Minx Toes (60mins)


Inc nail file, cuticle tidy & Minx application.(lasting up to 8 weeks*)

Shellac Fingers & Toes (2hrs)


Inc nail fle, cuticle tidy & Minx application on both the hands & feet.

Minx, in addition to any of Beautified's manicure/pedicure treatments (45mins)


Removal (10mins)


Minx is safely removed from the nail plate in minutes.

FREE if followed by a full set of Minx.


NEW............Gelish Nails~Soak off gel polish

 Gelish soak off gel polish, comes in an array of colours.  applied like a polish, non chip and non peeling, for a 21 day perfect manicure/pedicure!!

Gelish Manicure (40mins)


Inc nail file, cuticle tidy & Gelish application. NB, IF you have a weak/thin nail plate, we can apply Gelish structure gel undernath your gelish application £1 per nail!!!!

Gelish Pedicure (40mins)


Inc nail file, cuticle tidy & Gelish application.

Gelish Manicure & Pedicure (80mins)


Inc nail fle, cuticle tidy & Gelish application on both the hands & feet.

Gelish, in addition to any of Beautified's manicure/pedicure treatments (25mins)


Removal (15mins)


Gelish is safely removed from the nail plate in minutes.

FREE if followed by a full set of Gelish.




nb. please bring open toe sandals for pedicure treatments

Luxurious pedicure (1hr)


Using OPI products this pedicure transforms the feet by cleansing, renewing and restoring .The feet are taken through a 7 step system of sole soothing. Nails are shaped and cuticles tidied, finished with a relaxing foot & leg massage.

Mini pedicure (45mins)


Using OPI products this is ideal if time is not on your side, nails are tidied, feet are exfoliated & softened ,cuticles are tidied and the feet are soothed with a massage.
NB. Please bring open toe sandals for pedicure treatments

Nail polish application (15mins)


This optional extra can be added to manicure & pedicure treatments, or used alone, please allow extra time for this treatment as the polish will need to dry.


Oxygen Pedicure (45mins)


No pedicure will ever be the same again after experiencing the difference that only Herzog's oxygen therapy can deliver.  Oxygen balances, refreshes, detoxifies, heals, repairs and treats many common disorders.  Essential for beautiful strong, healthy nails and for hydrated, refreshed skin.

Chocolate Pedicure (45mins)


A traditional pedicure but with the added advanced anti-ageing properties of pure chocolate therapy and oxygen.  This treatment offers super hydration for hard stubborn skin on the heels, and is a great pick up for tired, dry aching feet, whilst also feeding and stimulating the nail growth.

Footcial (1hr)


More than a traditional pedicure, this is a clinical grade treatment for the feet and legs.  A warm milk soak infused with fresh mint, lemons and limes soothes and cleanses the feet.  Mineral rich volcanic mud and oxygen masks ensure effective detoxification and stimulates healing and repair.  Incorporating specialised massage techniques, ensures this treatment is truly heavenly! This treatment can also be used to treat many common foot complaints!!

The Karin Herzog foot treatment (20mins)


This treatment is ideal for dry and calloused feet and legs.  The area if fully exfoliated with specialized serums, before being treated with a healing and softening oxygen mask.



A truly original head scalp and facial treatment by Karin Herzog, world leaders in effective oxygen therapy


Space (1 hr)


Using a dramatically different Tibetan head massage and oxygen therapy, to calm and de-stress, this treatment offers that something extra over traditional Indian head massage. Based on the ancient method of cranial stimulation, this treatment works on the energy lines of the head and stimulates the release of endorphins from the brain. Treating the face and neck also works to rejuvenate the skin whilst you will be drifting in and out of your own space and relaxation.


Revolutionary 'Karin Herzog Facials' world leaders in effective oxygen therapy


The 'Smoothie' (90 mins)


This luxuriously pampering facial uses a deep infusion of oxygen, vitamin A, water & vitamin E to visibly smooth fine lines & wrinkles. Helps to breathe life back into a tired, dull complexion. This really is the best way to feed your face.

The 'Pore Draw' (90 mins)


Rapidly becoming a beauty must have this facial has a deep, detoxifying action to spring clean the skin & help diminish blockages, zaps blackheads, whiteheads, spots & milia. This treatments delivers oxygen, retinol & vitamin E to cleanse, heal & repair.

Spring Clean Facial (45 mins)


A highly recommended facial for teenage skin.  A deeply cleansing facial to balance and detox a young, imbalanced, hormonal complexion.  the skin is cleansed, exfoliated and massaged before the world patented oxygen therapy works to brighten the skin and clam down over active sebaceous glands.  Skin looks visibly brighter and feels instantly deep down clean and refreshed.  Suitable for all skin types, even very young skin.

The 'Peel & Plump' (30mins)


A facial with staggering results, often referred to as the lunchtime facelift! We use a safe & gentle glycolic acid together with the deeply rewarding benefits of pure rose essential oil. This facial revives tired, lack-lustre skin & diminishes fine lines.


Co-Co2 chocolate facial (90 mins)


Combining real swiss chocolate and oxygen therapy makes this facial truly divine! The treatment begins with a deep cleanse and moves on to include a heavenly deep drainage massage. Layers of oxygen and rich Swiss chocolate are applied to leave you with noticeably younger, firmer and moisturised skin.

Choco-Cherry Noir facial (90 mins)


This is an upgraded and enhanced luxury,decadent version of the world famous original choclate facial.  The aroma of real swiss chocolate is further accentuated by the exotic and mouth watering aroma of rich dark cherries.  Black cherries have long been considered to have many health properties.  Great for joint and muscle pain and for helping to reduce swelling and relieve pain.  The combination of oxygen will further heighten these properties and so this divine treatment will lift the skin, the spirits and help tone and brighten the skin.

Monoi skin nourisher (90 mins)


Indulgent and decadent: A facial that delivers on many levels, and provides drama and stimulus for all the senses. Fresh oranges, honey, bananas, warm coconut oil and Herzog's Oxygen Therapy combine to soothe, soften and rejuvenate.

Incorporating a truly sensuous back massage with warm fresh oranges this facial fills the room with the uplifting aroma of zesty fresh fruit and is a treat in every sense of the word. Pampering at its best!

Side order (1/4hr)


These treatments can be added to your chosen facial if you require them. Choose from the 'lip service' if your concern is lines around the mouth, the 'eye scream' if your concern is lines around the eye area or the 'extraction' if you are concerned about major congestion.


Unwanted hair is gently removed using gel wax, a formula found to be less painful. The skin is also soothed and calmed.

Full leg, underarm & bikini (1hr)


Full leg & bikini or underarm (1hr)


Full leg (45 mins)


3/4 leg (40mins)


1/2 leg (20mins)


1/2 leg, bikini & underarm (50 mins)


Bikini wax (15 mins)


Brazillian (25 mins)


Hi-Leg Bikini wax (15 mins)


Underarm (15 mins)


1/2 arm (20 mins)


Full arm (40 mins)


Lip or chin (10mins)


Lip & chin (20mins)


Abdomen wax (15 mins)

from £6.00

Facial waxing (15 mins)

from £6.00

Back wax (25mins)

from £16.00

Chest wax (25mins)

from £13.00




Eyebrow Shape (15mins) 


Eyebrow tint (10mins)


Eyelash tint (20mins)


Eyelash & eyebrow tint (30mins)


Eyelash tint, eyebrow tint & eyebrow



***NEW............Lash Perfect - La La Express LASH EXTENSIONS!!! (40mins)*** £30.00

Fantastic quality individual lash extensions applied to your lashes to achieve a natural or glamarous look!! Lasting between 2-3 weeks, ideal for occasions, holidays or simply to beautifully define your eyes!!


**NEW** HD BROW TREATMENT   (60mins)    £30.00

NB Patch tests are required 48hrs prior to any HD Brow treatment.

HD Brows is a 7 step eyebrow shaping procedure that focuses on design.  It involves a combination of techniques including tiniting, waxing and threading, using specialist HD Brows products.  Thanks to this unique seven-step treatment you can transform overgrown or overplucked eyebrows into well-groomed, High Definition brows!!




Full Body Tan (30mins)


Half Body Tan (15mins)


Tonights the Night (30mins)


Sienna X's fantastic new tan, that leaves you tanned and ready for your evening in just 2 hours!! Ideal if your pushed for time!!!Using the revolutionary Sienna X spray tanning products,this treatment offers a safe, sun-less tan in minutes.  This treatment is applied to the skin by spraying the body with a fine mist.   You are left with an instant colour which dries in minutes. The tan develops in approx 4-6 hours and lasts for 5-7 days. The tan reacts with your own body chemistry and leaves a very natural golden glow.

Revolutionary 'Karin Herzog' body treatments world leaders in effective oxygen therapy.


Bodical 1 for acne,problematic and congested skin types (90 mins)


An advanced treatment for acne oily skin types. The first hour of treatment is dedicated to advanced manual lymphatic drainage massage of the entire body. The second hour deals with the face itself. Using Herzog s exceptional oxygen formula to detox, distress, calm & heal erupted imbalanced skin.

Bodical 2 for dry, mature,divitalized and prematurely aged skin


An advanced treatment for mature, dry, sun damaged skin types. Treating the face and the body this treatment focuses on manual lymphatic drainage, the face is treated to Herzog s exceptional oxygen formula to reduce toxins to instantly lift and brighten the face.

Co-Co2 body Wrap (1hr 15 mins)


Co-Co2 body Wrap-DELUXE version to include extended massage (2hrs)


The body is cleansed with a warm chocolate milk wash, which is then removed with hot towels infused with chocolate.  The body is brushed** to encourage circulation, before warm chocolate and exoctic coconut oil is drizzled over the skin and the massage begins.  A multivitamin based oil and a layer of the world patented oxygen and chocolate mask is brushed all over the skin to rejuvanate, lift and hydrate.  A layer of pure melted, hot swiss chocolate and nourishing oil is drizzled over the body, which is then cocooned in a wrap.  A scalp massage is included before the chocolate cocktail is removed to reveal lusciously silky smooth brighter skin!

The 'Oxy Contour' (1hr 15 mins)


Recommended for the treatment of cellulite, weight loss, fluid retention and anyone wanting to detox. The body is cleansed, exfoliated & followed by a full lymphatic drainage massage & body wrap.

O2 relax  (1hr 45 mins)


This treatment uses a specially developed pressure point massage, helping to nurture and relax you, working specifically over the meridians, where energies are transported around the body.  Trapped, negative energy is dislodged and replaced with a surge of real and positive energy.  A relaxng full body exfoliation using natural fruit enzymes of orange,bilberry,mandarin,grapefruit and grapes and an oxygen and vitmain wrap guarantees smooth baby soft skin and re-energised tired limbs and joints.

Total body meltdown (1hr 30 mins)


The name says it all! A total pampering full body treatment to gently pick you off the urban treadmill and deliver you to a haven of tranquillity and calm.  Warm fresh oranges and fresh milled warming spices including ginger and cinnamon cosset and warm you and sill the air with exotic intoxicating but natural aromas.  A real treat to encourage rest and rewards, and to balance overall well being.  A body exfoliation and massage with warm exotic coconut oil, and an infusion of oxygen and vitamins will energise, nourish andrejuvenate.  The perfect antidote for stress and tension!

Detoxifying Backcial (45 mins)


This treatment is designed for congested skins in this area and is a treat for party seasons and the summer.  The back is exfoliated and massaged prior to oxygen therapy and our world leading and specialised manual extraction.  Finally, a specific mask is applied to sterilize, heal and hydrate the skin leaving the back clean, hydrated and visibly clearer.

Nourishing Backcial (45 mins)


Fresh warm oranges are massaged over the back before it is exfoliated with pure white marble and orange scrub. Heavenly Massage follows to unwind and relax offering deep tissue manipulation. Warm organic honey further softens and prepares the skin for oxygenation. A super tonic for those who carry stress and strain in the back area or those who find it difficult to relax.


Swedish body massage (1hr)


A full body massage, tailored to your individual needs, can be used for relaxation or stress relief. Privacy is respected at all times, only areas of the body being massaged are uncovered at any one time.

Back neck & shoulder massage (20mins)


The back, neck & shoulders are massaged with a pre-blended oil to relax & unwind the mind & body.

Aromatherapy full body massage (1hr)


Using pure essential oils to relax or uplift your mood. Oils are blended for specific needs, combining the use of massage to help you unwind and de-stress.


Cleanse, tone & make-up application (1hr)


Ideal for those special occasions, parties or evenings out. The facial area is cleansed and make-up applied professionally with helpful tips & advice.

Wedding day make-up (1hr)


Make-up tailored to your individual needs for that special day. Facial area is cleansed and make -up applied professionally.

Make-up trial (1hr)


Make-up is applied and if necessary different colours/shades can be tried and tested until we achieve your required look. Ideal for brides to be!

If you require bridal make-up to be carried out at a venue of your choice an additional charge will apply. Please ask for more details.


All treatments on this menu can be tailored to form a bridal package to suit your needs.   For wedding parties of 3 or more people a 15% discount will apply to the total amount of treatments received.


Mini pamper (2hrs)


OPI mini manicure & polish application, OPI mini pedicure & polish application, relaxing back massage & eyebrow shape.

Luxury pamper (3 hrs 30 mins)


Karin Herzog Peel & Plump Facial, OPI luxurious manicure & polish application, Karin Herzog foot treatment, toe nail file & polish application and Karin Herzog nourishing backcial.

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