Massage Treatments

Who says massages are for special occasions? Relax and unwind whenever you feel like it with our lengthy massage treatments. We also cater to couples or friends looking to relax and catch up bu offering rooms with two massage tables in the same relaxed atmosphere.

Swedish body massage

A full body massage, tailored to your individual needs, can be used for relaxation or stress relief. Privacy is respected at all times, only areas of the body being massaged are uncovered at any one time.

(1Hr) - £35.00
Back neck & shoulder massage

The back, neck & shoulders are massaged with a pre-blended oil to relax & unwind the mind & body.

(20Mins) - £20.00
Aromatherapy full body massage

Using pure essential oils to relax or uplift your mood. Oils are blended for specific needs, combining the use of massage to help you unwind and de-stress.

(1Hr) - £35.00