Enhance your hands

Want hands that stand out from the crowd? Check out our nail enhancements and repairs below.

Nail Enhancements

UVA Gel Nails

Using LCN UVA gel nail extensions, this system is unique & is designed to suit your individual nail type. Non-odorous, non-lifting & totally translucent for a natural finish.

(1&1/2Hrs) - £40.00
Temporary tip extensions

Great for a special occasion, a natural nail extension that can last between 2 days & 2 weeks!

(1Hr) - £25.00

Gel overlay

A gel coating over your natural nail for extra strength.

(1Hr) - £30.00

Gel overlay for toe nails

A strengthening layer of gel is applied over the toe nails, french and colours available for a permanent finish. The gel used, is anti-fungal and elastic, so ideal for the toe nails. Can also be used for toe nail correction.

(45Mins) - £28.00

Infills & Tidies

Gel nail infill

Nails are reshaped, buffed & an extra coat of gel is applied, includes up to 3 nail repairs or replacements if required.

2-3 Weeks (1&1/4 Hrs) - £20.00
4 Weeks (1&1/4 Hrs) - £22.00
Gel nail tidy up

Nails are re-shaped, buffed and tidied and a choice of polish/gloss is applied.

2 weeks (45mins) - £16.00
3 weeks (45mins) - £18.00
4 weeks (45mins) - £20.00

Nail Repair/Removal

If for any reason you require removal of your nail enhancements, consult your therapist for safe & professional removal. Pulling or biting enhancements from the natural nail will cause long term damage. Please ask for more info on tailoring a manicure programme to suit your needs.

Nail repair (15 mins) - £5.00
Nail removal (1 hour) - £15.00

Optional Extras

French UV gel/gel colour - £5.00

Optional extra nail enhancements


We offer a wide variety of nail art, such as Swarvoski/stamping/freehand. Price available on request.